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FMComms1 Downloads

FPGA Reference Designs on GitHub:

FPGA Reference Design Tar files:

The GZip file will not contain Xilinx core generator and IP files. You must obtain these files from Xilinx.

Tar file contents

The tar file contains, in most cases, the following files and/or directories. To rebuild the reference design simply double click the XMP file and run the tool. To build SDK, select a workspace and use the C file to build the elf file. Please refer to Xilinx EDK documentation for details.

In the case of Zynq, the same procedure applies, except that you must create a FSBL or run the PS7 initialization tcl scripts before the SDK program.

license.txt ADI license & copyright information.
system.mhs MHS file.
system.xmp XMP file (use this file to build the reference design).
data/ UCF file and/or DDR MIG project files.
docs/ Documentation files (Please note that this wiki page is the documentation for the reference design).
sw/ Software (Xilinx SDK) & bit file(s).
cf_lib/edk/pcores pcores (if used).
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