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SPI Engine Offload FPGA Peripheral

The SPI Engine Offload peripheral allows to store a SPI Engine command and SDO data stream in a RAM or ROM module. The command stream is executed when the trigger signal is asserted. This allows the execution of SPI transactions with a very short delay in reaction to a event.


Name Description
spi_engine_offload.v Verilog source for the peripheral.
spi_engine_offload_ip.tcl TCL script to generate the Vivado IP-integrator project for the peripheral.

Configuration Parameters

Name Description Default
SPI_CLK_ASYNC If set to 1 the ctrl_clk and spi_clk are assumed to be asynchronous 0
CMD_MEM_ADDR_WIDTH Configures the size of the command stream storage. The size is 2**CMD_MEM_ADDR_WIDTH entries. 4
SDO_MEM_ADDR_WIDTH Configures the size of the SDO data stream storage. The size is 2**SDO_MEM_ADDR_WIDTH entries. 4

Signal and Interface Pins

Name Type Description
ctrl_clk Clock The spi_engine_offload_ctrl signals are synchronous to this clock.
spi_clk Clock The spi_engine_ctrl signals, offload_sdi signals and trigger are synchronous to this clock.
spi_resetn Synchronous active low reset Resets the internal state machine of the core.
trigger Input When asserted the stored command and data stream is send out on the spi_engine_ctrl interface.
spi_engine_offload_ctrl SPI Engine Offload Control Interface slave Control interface which allows to re-program the stored command and SDO data stream.
spi_engine_ctrl SPI Engine Control Interface master SPI Engine Control stream that contains commands and data.
offload_sdi Streaming AXI master Output stream of the received SPI data

Theory of Operation

More Information

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