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CN0363 Phase Data Sync FPGA Peripheral

The CN0363 Phase Data Sync FPGA Peripheral is part of the EVAL-CN0363-PMDZ HDL reference design and is responsible for preparing the ADC conversion result data and aligning it with the phase and feeding both to the processing pipeline.


Name Description
cn0363_phase_data_sync.v Verilog source for the peripheral.
cn0363_phase_data_sync_ip.tcl TCL script to generate the Vivado IP-integrator project for the peripheral.

Signal and Interface Pins

Name Type Description
clk Clock All other signals are synchronous to this clock.
resetn Synchronous active low reset Resets the internal state machine of the core.
processing_resetn Synchronous active low reset Indicator that the processing pipeline is in reset.
S_AXIS_SAMPLE AXI-Stream slave Input sample data stream
M_AXIS_SAMPLE AXI-Stream master Output sample data stream
M_AXIS_PHASE AXI-Stream master Output phase data stream
sample_has_stat Input Whether the incoming data on S_AXIS_SAMPLE has the STAT register appended.
conv_done Input Conversion done signal from the ADC.
phase Input Current excitation signal phase.
overflow Input The overflow signal is asserted if a new sample arrives before the previous one has been consumed.

Theory of Operation

The CN0363 Phase Data Sync FPGA Peripheral takes the raw ADC sample data read by a SPI controller from the ADC on the S_AXIS_SAMPLE stream. The data is assembled into 24-bit word and converted from offset binary to two's complement signed.

When a rising edge is detected on the conv_done signal the core takes a snapshot of the phase input signal. This data will be assumed to the phase that belongs to the next incoming data sample on the S_AXIS_SAMPLE. The data is aligned with the corresponding phase data and both are send out on the M_AXIS_SAMPLE and M_AXIS_PHASE stream.

If the sample_has_stat signal is asserted the core will receive 32-bit instead of 24-bit per sample on the S_AXIS_SAMPLE stream. The last 8-bit are assumed to contain the STAT register of the ADC, which among other things contains the information about which channel the ADC result belongs to. This information can be used to detect and fix channel swaps. If sample_has_stat is not asserted the core assumes that no channel swaps happen and the whole pipeline is always running fast enough to accept a sample before the next one is ready.

If processing_resetn is asserted the processing pipeline is assumed to be in reset and incapable of accepting new samples and when a new sample arrives at the S_AXIS_SAMPLE port a overflow condition is generated. The signal also resets the channel swap detection logic and makes sure that the next sample that is inserted into the processing pipeline after the reset belongs to the first channel.

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