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UTIL_RFIFO is a core designed to downscale the clock rate of the TX data path. There are scenarios when the device clock (interface clock) is too high (above 200 MHz), making a challenge to integrate any processing cores between the device core and UPACK/DMA, because of the small timing margins. By reducing the clock rate of the data path, the user can easily integrate any custom processing core into the design.

In order to define the correct configuration, the following questions needs to be answered:

  1. What is the clock rate of the device core's data interface? (dout_clk)
  2. What is the data rate of the device core's data interface? (dout_valid@dout_clk)
  3. What is the targeted clock rate of the data path (din_clk), and how we can achieve it, respecting the main rule of thumb: input data rate must be equal to the output data rate?

If the device clock rate is equal to the device data rate, the only solution to downscale the clock rate is to increase the data width of the output ports of the FIFO. Currently the util_rfifo supports four data width ratios: 1:1/1:2/1:4/1:8.


  • Supports Altera and Xilinx devices.
  • Downscale the DAC data path's clock rate.
  • Supports multiple channels (max eight channels)

Timing diagram


Name Description Default Value
NUM_OF_CHANNELS The number of channels of the device. 4
DIN_DATA_WIDTH The bus width of the input data (DMA bus width). 32
DOUT_DATA_WIDTH The bus width of the output data (device core's data interface bus width). 64
DIN_ADDRESS_WIDTH The address width of the internal memory of the FIFO. 4


Interface Pin Type Description
din_0 Input interface 0
din_enable_0 output Enable
din_valid_0 output Valid
din_valid_in_0 input Looped back valid
din_data_0 input[DIN_DATA_WIDTH-1:0] Data
din_1 Input interface 1
din_enable_1 output Enable
din_valid_1 output Valid
din_valid_in_1input Looped back valid
din_data_1 input[DIN_DATA_WIDTH-1:0] Data
din_7 Input interface 7
din_enable_7 output Enable
din_valid_7 output Valid
din_valid_in_7input Looped back valid
din_data_7 input[DIN_DATA_WIDTH-1:0] Data
din_unf Input data underflow
din_unf input Input data underflow
dout_0 Output interface 0
dout_enable_0 input Enable
dout_valid_0 input Valid
dout_valid_out_0 output Looped back valid
dout_data_0 output[DOUT_DATA_WIDTH-1:0] Data
dout_1 Output interface 1
dout_enable_1 input Enable
dout_valid_1 input Valid
dout_valid_out_1output Looped back valid
dout_data_1 input[DOUT_DATA_WIDTH-1:0] Data
dout_7 Output interface 7
dout_enable_7 input Enable
dout_valid_7 input Valid
dout_valid_out_7output Looped back valid
dout_data_7 input[DOUT_DATA_WIDTH-1:0] Data
dout_unf Output data underflow
dout_unf output Output data underflow

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