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The UTIL_EXTRACT IP allows the extraction of the trigger signal and restoration of the data signal that was embedded in the data stream by the AXI_ADC_TRIGGER IP.

Configuration Parameters

Name Description Default Value
NUM_OF_CHANNELS Number of channels 2
DATA_WIDTH Data width. It assumes the trigger is in bit (n*16)-1, with n being the channel number NUM_OF_CHANNELS * 16


Interface Pin Type Description
clk input Clock input. Should be synchronous to the input and the output data
Data Input
data_in input[DATA_WIDTH-1:0] Input data from the FIFO. Will replace each trigger bit with the sign extended version of the data. It should be data from the output of the variable fifo
data_in_trigger input[DATA_WIDTH-1:0] Data from which the trigger is extracted. It should be data from the input of the variable fifo
data_in_valid input Valid for the input data
Data Output
data_out output[DATA_WIDTH-1:0] Data without the embedded trigger
trigger_out output Trigger output. Is an logic OR of the triggers from all the channels that are captured simulaneously


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