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AXI Stream FIFO Core

The util_axis_fifo IP core is a simple FIFO (First Input First Output) with AXI streaming interfaces, supporting synchronous and asynchronous operation modes. It can be used to mitigate data rate differences or transfer an AXI stream to a different clock domain.


  • Supports Intel/Altera and Xilinx devices
  • Configurable data width and depth
  • Support asynchronous (double clocked) mode
  • Supports TLAST to indicate packet boundary
  • Supports FULL/EMPTY and ALMOST_FULL/ALMOST_EMPTY status signals
  • Support zero-deep implementation

Functional Description

The util_axis_fifo is a generic First Input First Output module, that can be used to control clock and data rate differences or to do data buffering on a AXI4 stream based data path. FIFO's write interface is an AXI4 slave streaming interface, and the FIFO's read interface is an AXI4 master streaming interface. The depth of the FIFO is defined by the equation, which is a function of the ADDRESS_WIDTH and DATA_WIDTH parameters:

FIFO depth in bytes = DATA_WIDTH/8 * 2 ^ ADDRESS_WIDTH

The FIFO has three different status indicator ports on both side, which provides information about the state of the FIFO for both the source and destination logic:

  • FULL or EMPTY - If these outputs are asserted the FIFO is full or empty. In case of a full FIFO all the write operations are suspended. In case of an empty FIFO all the read operations are suspended.
  • ALMOST_EMPTY/ALMOST_FULL - It can be used to foresee a potential FULL or EMPTY state, asserting before the EMPTY/FULL before a predefined number of word. The offset between ALMOST_EMPTY and EMPTY, and between ALMOST_FULL and FULL can be set by using the parameters ALMOST_EMPTY_THRESHOLD and ALMOST_FULL_THRESHOLD.
  • S_AXIS_ROOM - Indicate how many word can be written in the FIFO at the current moment, until the FIFO become FULL.
  • M_AXIS_LEVEL - Indicate how many word can be read from the FIFO at the current moment, until the FIFO become EMPTY.
In case of asynchronous mode, because of the delays introduced by the clock domain crossing logic, the ROOM and LEVEL indicators can not reflect the actual state of the FIFO in real time. Source and destination logic should take this into account when controlling the data stream into and from the FIFO. Carefully adjusting the ALMOST_EMPTY/ALMOST_FULL indicators can provide a save operating margin.


Name Description Default Value
DATA_WIDTH Data width of AXI streaming interface 64
ADDRESS_WIDTH Width of the address, defines the depth of the FIFO 5
ASYNC_CLK Clocking mode, if set the FIFO operates on asynchronous mode 1
M_AXIS_REGISTERED Add and additional register stage to the AXI stream master interface 1
ALMOST_EMPTY_THRESHOLD Defines the offset (in data beats) between the almost empty and empty assertion 16
ALMOST_FULL_THRESHOLD Defines the offset (in data beats) between the almost full and full assertion 16


Interface/Pin Type Description
Slave AXI Stream interface
s_axis_aclk input Slave AXI stream clock signal
s_axis_aresetn input Slave AXI stream reset signal (active low)
s_axis_ready output Slave AXI stream ready
s_axis_valid input Slave AXI stream valid
s_axis_data input[DATA_WIDTH-1:0] Slave AXI stream ready
s_axis_tlast input Slave AXI stream TLAST signal, for packet boundary
s_axis_room output[ADDRESS_WIDTH-1:0] Indicates how much space (in data beats) is in the FIFO
s_axis_almost_empty output If set the FIFO is almost empty
s_axis_empty output If set the FIFO is empty
Master AXI Stream interface
m_axis_aclk input Master AXI stream clock signal
m_axis_aresetn input Master AXI stream reset signal (active low)
m_axis_ready input Master AXI stream ready
m_axis_valid output Master AXI stream valid
m_axis_data output[DATA_WIDTH-1:0] Master AXI stream ready
m_axis_tlast output Master AXI stream TLAST signal, for packet boundary
m_axis_level output[ADDRESS_WIDTH-1:0] Indicates how much data is in the FIFO
m_axis_almost_full output If set the FIFO is almost full
m_axis_full output If set the FIFO is full

Register Map

This core does not have a register map.

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