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The axi_clock_monitor IP is used to measure clocks in the system.


  • Supports Intel and Xilinx devices.
  • Software can access the core's registers through an AXI4 Lite interface.
  • It can measure up to 16 clocks (set to 8 by default).

User Guidelines

HDL instantiation

  1. Import the IP core to your block design
  2. Select the desired number of clock inputs to be measured
  3. Connect the IP to the AXI interface
  4. Assign a base address to the IP Core, so it doesn't overlap with other components
  5. Assign clock signals to the clock inputs
  6. Build the HDL project

Software implementation

We use software to access the core's registers in order to get the data from the IP. So far, only no-OS software is supported.

The following example contains a simple functions that reads all the info from the IP and prints it on the serial terminal:

void clock_monitor_info (uint32_t core_base_addr, uint32_t axi_clock_speed_mhz) {
	uint32_t clock_ratio = 0;
	uint32_t clk1_addr = 0x40;
	uint32_t n_clocks = 0;
	uint32_t info_var = 0;
	uint8_t n = 0;

	info_var = axi_io_read(core_base_addr);
	printf("PCORE_VERSION = %d\n", info_var);

	info_var = axi_io_read(core_base_addr, 4);
	printf("ID = %d\n", info_var);

	n_clocks = axi_io_read((core_base_addr, 12));
	printf("n clocks = %d\n", n_clocks);

	info_var = axi_io_read(core_base_addr, 16);
	printf("RESET OUT = %d\n", info_var);

	while (n < n_clocks & n < 16) {
		clock_ratio = axi_io_read((core_base_addr, clk1_addr + 4*n));

		if (clock_ratio == 0) {
			printf("Measured clock_%d: off\n", n);
		} else {
			printf("Measured clock_%d: %d MHz\n", n,
				(clock_ratio * axi_clock_speed_mhz + 0x7fff) >> 16);

To call the function, consider the following parameters:

  • “core_base_addr” will take the value of the base address set at step 4 of HDL instantiation
  • “axi_clock_speed_mhz” will be the reference frequency. In most cases we will assume this parameter to be 100 (MHz)

Register Map

Clock Monitor (axi_clock_monitor)

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