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EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z Evaluation Kit

THis is the page for the EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z kit

ADuCRF101 based WSN demo kit
Out-of-the-box WSN Demo Kit
1 Basestation and 2 Sensor Nodes running ADRadioNET
1 ADuCRF101 Minikit board (Pre-programmed Basestation Node)
1 BunchWSN board (Pre-programmed ADXL362 Sensor Node).
1 BunchWSN board (Pre-programmed Humidity & Temp Sensor Node)
1 UART/USB board for programming interface / GUI
Everything comes pre-loaded with ADRadioNET, so it works out of the box. Compatible with IBM Bluemix

User Guide:


Quickstart Tutorial:

Binary Files

Here are the default binary files that have been pre-programmed into the nodes.

Individual Sensor Nodes

Individual nodes can be ordered to expand the number of sensors or gateways in a system
Pre-programmed to automatically connect to WSN kits out of the box.
Unique MAC address for each node.

  • Name Description SAP Code
  • Bunch Accelerometer Node ADXL362 Data EV-BUNCH-WSN-1Z
  • Bunch Humidity Node SHT21 Data EV-BUNCH-WSN-2Z

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