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Voyager 4 - Wireless Motor Monitoring Development Platform


Following the success of Voyager3, the latest Voyager4 offers AI processing and generation of insights right on the edge, with transmission via Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-low-power microcontrollers.


The system's hardware is constituted of:

  • MAX78000 processor with hardware AI accelerator,
  • MAX32666 processor with BLE
  • ADXL359 1kHz BW triaxial SPI output MEMS accelerometer (for vibration data gathering/CbM),
  • ADXL367 400Hz BW triaxial SPI output MEMS accelerometer (for motion detect/shock detect sensor wake-up),
  • SPH0645LM4H-B 20Hz-10kHz BW I2S Output Digital Microphone (for acoustic sensing),

Operation modes

In normal mode the MAX32666 logic enables the 3.3V1 & 3.3V3 power rails, and the MAX38642, which power the MAX78000, ADXL359, and SPH0645LM4H-B. The MAX78000 bootloader can be accessed over I2C using the FTDI Chip. The bootloader can be used to disable the MAX78000 SWD interface to block debug port access. This provides IP protection/security for the user.

Artificial Intelligence

Voyager4 Offers an innovative state-of-the-art autoencoder machine learning model to classify faults according to the gathered data.

Hardware components

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Block design

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Block diagram

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Description of components

Only the channels presented in the clocking selection are relevant. For the rest, you can either disable them or just put a divided frequency of the source clock.


Analog Devices will provide limited online support for anyone using the reference design with Analog Devices components via the EngineerZone FPGA reference designs forum.

It should be noted, that the older the tools' versions and release branches are, the lower the chances to receive support from ADI engineers.

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