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ADRV-PackRF Hardware

PackRF Downloads

This section contains information regarding mechanical aspects of the PackRF Radios: Pictures of the copper, board dimensions, PCB stackup, 3D models

Quantity Description Image
1 Pelican Case
2 Portable Radios
2 GPS Antenna
2 Power over Ethernet Injector
2 Ethernet Cables
2 AC-DC Wall-wart Power Supply (12V, 4A)
2 Power Plug to DC Cigarette Lighter
2 Micro SD Card with image
2 USB OTG Cable
2 Generic USB 2.0 cables (A male to micro B male)
20 Pulse W1910 3G Pentaband 824-2170MHz, SMA Antenna
2 USB Webcam
2 Micro SD Card with image
1 JTAG Adapter

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