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nanoDAC+ Evaluation Board Programmer


The nanoDAC+ Evaluation Board Programmer can be used to program the evaluation board ID on a selection of nanoDAC+ evaluation boards for use with legacy evaluation software or ACE evaluation software. The evaluation kits which this program can be used for are listed below, all other nanoDAC+ evaluation kits are already compatible with both evaluation platforms.

Installing the Software

ACE or legacy evaluation software must already be installed on the PC before installing the nanoDAC+ Evaluation Board Programmer.

  1. Download the nanoDAC+ Evaluation Board Installer from here.
  2. Unzip the files and run setup.exe
  3. Follow the installation instructions.

Running the Software

There must only be one System Demonstration Platform (SDP) Board Connected to the PC when running the software.

  1. Connect the evaluation board to the SDP as described in the Evaluation Kit User Guide.
  2. To run the software, click Start → All Programs → Analog Devices → Nanodac+ Evaluation Board Programmer → Nanodac+ Evaluation Board Programmer.
  3. Click Continue to continue.
  4. If nanoDAC+ evaluation board is not found, the below message will appear. Reset the SDP board and wait for 30 seconds before clicking OK. Click Cancel to exit the software.
  5. When the evaluation board is identified by the software, a prompt will appear for the user to select the evaluation software to reprogram the board to.
  6. Select the evaluation platform, and confirm in the following window.
  7. When programming is complete, it is reported to the user.
  8. Click OK to close the application.

Evaluation board is now ready for use with the selected evaluation platform.

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