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IIO Device Specific Designs For MathWorks Tools

The following have device-specific implementations in MATLAB and Simulink. If a device has an IIO driver, MATLAB support is possible, but a device-specific MATLAB or Simulink interface may not exist yet.

Evaluation Card FPGA Board Streaming Support Targeting Variants and Minimum Supported Release
Pluto Yes No ADI (2018b) MathWorks (2017a)
FMComms2/3/4 Zedboard Yes Yes ADI (2018b) MathWorks (2014b)
ZC702 Yes Yes ADI (2018b) MathWorks (2014b)
ZC706 Yes Yes ADI (2018b) MathWorks (2014b)
ZCU102 Yes Yes ADI (2018b) MathWorks (2014b)
ADRV9361-Z7035 Yes Yes ADI (2018b) MathWorks (2015b)
ADRV9364-Z7020 Yes Yes ADI (2018b)
ADRV9371 ZC706 Yes No ADI (2018b)
ZCU102 Yes Yes ADI (2018b)
ZYNQ3 Yes No ADI (2018b)
ADRV9009 ZC706 Yes No ADI (2018b)
ZCU102 Yes Yes ADI (2018b)
DAQ2 ZC706 Yes No ADI (2018b)
ZCU102 Yes No ADI (2018b)

Example usage in MATLAB

>> rx = adi.AD9361.Rx

rx = 

  adi.AD9361.Rx with properties:

             GainControlMode: 'slow_attack'
    EnableQuadratureTracking: true
          EnableRFDCTracking: true
    EnableBasebandDCTracking: true
             SamplesPerFrame: 32768
                channelCount: 2
             CenterFrequency: 2.4000e+09
                SamplingRate: 3000000
                 RFBandwidth: 3000000
                         uri: 'ip:'
                        enIO: true
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