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LoRa Reference Design

Tools and Drivers

This guide contains all the necessary information on how to download, install, and setup the software environment for the LoRa reference design and its add-on hardware. Information on the different USB modes and drivers needed is also provided.

The Maxim Micro Software Development Installer Kit (MaximSDK) Installer contains all the necessary tools to develop the firmware for Maxim microcontroller ICs, including Maxim® proprietary source codes, libraries, and examples dedicated to:

  • Board support packages (BSPs)
  • Validated hardware abstraction layer (HAL) source codes
  • Libraries
    • Integrated into the installer:
    • Free Crypto Library (FCL)
    • FreeRTOS
    • Lightweight TCP/IP stack (lwIP)
    • SD Card Library (SDHC)
  • Installed separately (NDA or SLA required):
    • EMV L1 Contact-Smart Card: Install as a plugin
    • NFC: Install as a plugin
    • UCL: Install as a plugin
  • Documentation
  • Wide range of examples ready to run on evaluation kits (EV kits)

For detailed information about the installation of the MaximSDK environment for Maxim® Microcontroller ICs, consult the Maxim Micro SDK (MaximSDK) Installation and Maintenance User Guide

Maxim SDK installers for different operating systems can be downloaded using below links:

For Linux OS, you may need to make this file executable. Use the command:

“chmod +x”

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