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Smart Motor Sensing (SMS)/ Building Structural Monitoring Arduino

The end node is Smart Motor Sensor(SMS) and Smart Building/Bridge Activity Sensor. A vibration sensor that uses the ADX343 digital output MEMS accelerometer chip and ADIS16203, a programmable 360° inclinometer. Beside of providing vibration data it has as well a digital temperature sensor using MAX30210 that gives the option to shut down sensitive machines and equipment for smart motor sensing application. The sensor detects as well if the horizontal position of the sensor changes, which points towards a collapse of the structure where the sensor was deployed.

Hardware Setup

The Arduino board is small in size with dimensions approximately 2.1 inch in width by 2.6 inches in length. The following are the instructions in using the board.

Power Supply Requirements

When using the board, the power supply comes directly from the host board it is connected to.

Digital Interface (PMOD)

The Arduino interface is a standardized digital interfaces for various digital communication protocols such as SPI, I2C, and UART. These interface types were standardized by Arduino, which is hardware and software company. Complete details on the PMOD specification can be found here.

The pin map for the Arduino pins are described in the table and its schematic diagram below.

Sensor Device

The board comes with the ADXL343(3-Axis MEMS Accelerometers), ADIS16203(Programmable 360° Inclinometer) and MAX30210(±0.1°C Accurate, 16-Bit Digital I2C Temperature Sensor).

Schematics, PCB Layout, Bill of Materials

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