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Livestock Monitoring Arduino

This Livestock Monitoring Arduino board is a system module that uses ADI power solution on the controller and transceiver module used for virtual fencing solution for livestock, where the animals are controlled by GPS-collars and an app. The system is consist of a power harvester (MAX20361), BMS (MAX20335) and a temperature sensor (MAX30210) and a buzzer with an option for vibration motor.

Hardware Setup

The Arduino board is small in size with dimensions approximately 2.1 inch in width by 3.2 inches in length. The following are the instructions in using the board.

Power Supply Requirements

When using the board, the power supply may come from different sources and these are listed below:

  • Solar Panel - use to recharge the lithium-ion connected to either P8 or to the 2xAAA battery. An example of a probe that can be used is a product from Anysolar and its datasheet can be found in here.
  • P6 Terminal block - external power source (e.g. solar panel)
When using an external power source, it is required to disconnect the onboard solar panel by removing the resistor R30

  • P8 Terminal block - external power supply, between 3V-4.2V allowable input
  • Battery holder - 2xAAA battery is required
  • Arduino Power - external power supply that comes directly from the host board it is connected to.
When power supply direclty from the host board is used, it is required to remove the R84 resistor and placed a 0ohm resistor at R86

Digital Interface (Arduino)

The Arduino interface is a standardized digital interfaces for various digital communication protocols such as SPI, I2C, and UART. These interface types were standardized by Arduino, which is hardware and software company. Complete details on the PMOD specification can be found here.

The pin map for the Arduino pins are described in the table and its schematic diagram below.

Typical Application

When using the arduino board, a general purpose mobile device vabration motor can be used. An example of a probe that can be used is a product from Vybronics Inc. and its datasheet can be found in here and the connections and its typical application can be seen on the diagram as shown below.

Schematics, PCB Layout, Bill of Materials

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