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This page offers product-specific organization of the video tutorials. Use the Table of Contents to quickly access the products of interest.

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Click on the video titles to directly access the video tutorial files. When there is only a title, that indicates that this video is in planning or production, but will be available in the near future.

IMU Evaluation Tools and Online Information MP4 3m:39s Starting at the home page, observe step-by-step instruction on how to quickly identify the right evaluation tools, along with setup and common use information.
IMU Datasheets; How can they help me? MP4 4m:12s Take a quick journey through the ADIS16485 datasheet to find out where to locate answers to the 13 most common questions that engineers have when designing with these products.
IMU Design Tools on the Web MP4 2m:32s Watch this video to find out where we hide key design tools, such as PCB CAD libraries, 3-D Models, Code examples, etc.
IMU Performance Optimization, The Basics
IMU Mounting for Optimal Bias Repeatability
IMU Connection, Tips for Quick SPI Success
Measuring Total Noise on the EVAL-ADIS
Measuring Noise Density on the EVAL-ADIS
Measuring Angle Random Walk (ARW) on the EVAL-ADIS
Measuring In-run bias stability on the EVAL-ADIS
Measuring Scale Factor/Sensitivity on the EVAL-ADIS
Measuring Alignment Error on the EVAL-ADIS
Inertial test platform communications


Writing to Registers Register read and write examples, using Register Access menu.
Manual FFT Mode Demonstration Manual FFT mode example that uses the Main Window drop-down selector and illustrates the resulting register (REC_CTRL1) changes in the Register Access menu.
Automatic FFT Mode Demonstration
Sample Rate Control Demonstration
Automated Offset Correction Demonstration
Manual FFT/Multi-Record Demonstration
Automatic FFT/Multi-Record Demonstration
Alarm Demonstration
Data Capture Demonstration & FFT Header Explanation
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