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 ==== Ribbon Cable Options ==== ==== Ribbon Cable Options ====
-Check out the following link for ideas on how to make or purchase ​16-pin, 1mm ribbon ​cables that can mate to J1 on the [[adi>en/evaluation/eval-adis16imu1/​eb.html#​buy|ADIS16IMU1/​PCBZ]]+Check out the [[https://​​products/​tcsd|TCSD series]] from [[https://​|Samtec]], ​to purchase ribbon ​cable assemblies, which will mate to J1on the [[​EVAL-adis16imu1||ADIS16IMU1/​PCB]] and the [[​EVAL-ADIS2|EVAL-ADIS2]]
- +
-[[​mems/​w/​documents/​4496/​faq-adis16228-pcbz-breakout-board-cables|Acquiring 1mm ribbon cables]] +
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