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 ====== ADIS16ACL2/​PCB WIKI GUIDE ====== ====== ADIS16ACL2/​PCB WIKI GUIDE ======
 ===== OVERVIEW ===== ===== OVERVIEW =====
-The ADIS16223 and ADIS16227 products ​use a 14-pin flexible interfaceThe mating connector for their interface supports surface-mount solder attachment but does not support direct attachment with ribbon cables. For those who are would like to connect ​the ADIS16223 and ADIS16227 ​to an existing processor ​board, using a ribbon cable, the ADIS16ACL2/​PCBZ provides a simple connector translation for this purpose+The ADIS16ACL2/​PCBZ is the breakout board for the ADIS16223 and ADIS16227 ​vibration sensing solutions. This breakout board function helps connect these two products ​to the EVAL-ADIS2 evaluation systemIt also helps connect ​these products ​to existing ​embedded ​processor ​platforms
 {{:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​inertial-mems:​imu:​adis16acl2_pcb_web_000.png?​600|}} {{:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​inertial-mems:​imu:​adis16acl2_pcb_web_000.png?​600|}}
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