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ADIS16ACL1/PCBZ Breakout Board Wiki-Guide


The ADIS16ACL1/PCBZ is the breakout board for the ADIS16210 and ADIS16228 vibration sensing solutions. This breakout board function helps connect these two products to the EVAL-ADIS2 evaluation system. It also helps connect these products to existing embedded processor platforms.


To order this breakout board, please visit the ADIS16ACL1/PCBZ's web page

ADIS16210/ADIS16228 Connection

Please see the video demonstration for connecting the ADIS16210 or ADIS16228 to its mating connector.

Connecting to the ADIS16210

EVAL-ADIS2 Connection

The EVAL-ADIS2 provides PC-based evaluation support for the ADIS16210 and ADIS16228. J1 on the EVAL-ADIS2Z and the ADIS16ACL1/PCBZ use the same pin assignments, so connecting them requires a 16-pin ribbon cable.

Electrical Schematic

Outer Dimensions

Mounting Holes

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