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Mark Looney [OVERVIEW]
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-====== ​PC-BASED ​ADIS1646X EVALUATION ======+====== ADIS1646X/​AD24000 ​EVALUATION ​ON A PC ====== 
 ===== OVERVIEW ===== ===== OVERVIEW =====
 +Evaluating the [[adi>​ADIS16460|ADIS16460]] and the AD24000 on a PC requires the use of the [[adi>​EVAL-ADIS16IMU4|ADIS16IMU4/​PCBZ]] and [[adi>​EVAL-ADIS|EVAL-ADIS]]. Aside from this section of the datasheet, the instruction text and graphics identify only the ADIS16460. ​ However, all of these instructions apply to the AD24000 in the same manner. ​ Mention of AD24000 is omitted only to simplify the text. 
-Insert product picture, with key feature annotations 
-===== SUMMARY ===== 
-Brief description of the parts required to evaluate product with a PC 
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 +The physical setup requires only three simple steps:
 +1. Install the DUT (for example, an ADIS16460AMLZ) onto the ADIS16IMU4/​PCBZ
 +2. Connect the ADIS16IMU4/​PCBZ to the EVAL-ADISZ
 +3. Set JP1 Jumper on EVAL-ADISZ
-===== SETUP ===== +====ADIS1646x Installation on the ADIS16IMU4/​PCBZ==== 
-The physical setup requires only three simple steps+{{page> resources/​eval/​user-guides/​inertial-mems/​imu/​adis16imu4-pcb#​dut_installation&​nofooter&​noheader}}
-Insert link from ADIS16IMU4/PCB Wiki Guide that describes installation of DUT onto breakout board+====Connect the ADIS16IMU4/PCBZ to the EVAL-ADIS==== 
 +{{page> resources/​eval/​user-guides/​inertial-mems/​imu/​adis16imu4-pcb#​connecting_to_the_eval-adis&​nofooter&​noheader}}
-Insert link from ADIS16IMU4/​PCB Wiki Guide that describes installation onto EVAL-ADIS 
-Insert link from EVAL-ADIS Wiki Guide that describes correct JP1 setting for DUT 
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