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Evaluating the ADXL362

Useful links: ADXL362 product page | datasheet.

Several options exist for evaluating the ADXL362:

  • View real-time data on a complete evaluation system.
    • EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP Evaluation System User Guide
    • Order the EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP Evaluation System
  • Use an existing platform to log acceleration data. Post-process the data to develop algorithms. Use these algorithms in your own system.
  • Use an existing, reprogrammable platform to develop firmware. Port the entire platform -- schematics, layout, and firmware -- into your own system.
  • Integrate a breakout board into an existing system via wires or breakout board.
    • Breakout Board User Guide
    • Order a breakout board
  • Integrate the IC into your own PCB.
    • Order the ADXL362 from Analog Devices | Arrow | Avnet | Digikey | Element14(coming soon) | Sparkfun (coming soon)
    • Schematics and layout for integration into your PCB
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