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EV-HT-200CDAQ1 Software and Design Package Download


By using this reference design and associated software you agree to the license terms set forth here. By clicking on the download links below you acknowledge that you have read and comply with the license agreement.

Design Support Package

The Design Support Package is a zip file that contains the following:

Bill of Materials
Assembly Drawing
Fabrication Drawing
Native CAD Project Files
Gerber Layout Files	

Click here to download the design package:

HT DAQ Viewer Application

The following zip file contains the executable for the EV-HT-200CDAQ1 HT Data Viewer application. There is no installer for this project. Simply unzip the archive in the directory in which you wish to store it and double click to run it. MathNet.Numberics.dll must always be located in the same directory. For more information on installing the HT DAQ Viewer application, see the user guide

Click here to download the HT DAQ Viewer application:

Firmware and HT DAQ Viewer Source

Firmware and HT DAQ Viewer projects are located on the ADI GitHub at

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