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 ====== ADuCM4x50 On-Chip Peripherals Drivers & Software ====== ====== ADuCM4x50 On-Chip Peripherals Drivers & Software ======
 +===== General Description/​Overview =====
 +The ADuCM4x50 Device Family Pack (DFP) provides access to all the necessary on-chip peripheral drivers for [[ADI>​ADuCM4050]] devices. ​ This software layer is the foundation layer needed when writing applications using this microprocessor family. ​ When combined with the **EV-COG-AD4050LZ** software pack as well as the Sensors software pack, there are many great **Internet of Things(IoT)** applications and demos that can be replicated using the **EV-COG-AD4050LZ** development platform.
 +The following on-chip drivers are provided as part of the ADuCM4x50 Device Family Pack:
 +  * spi  {{ :​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​eval-cog-ad4050lz:​software:​aducm4050-fbl.png?​600|}}
 +  * i2c
 +  * uart
 +  * sport
 +  * beep
 +  * wdt
 +  * gpio
 +  * rtc
 +  * dma
 +  * crypto
 +  * adc
 +  * tmr
 +For detailed information regarding the ADuCM4x50 DFP, please see our complete ADuCM4x50 software user guide.
 +<WRAP center round help 60%>
 + ​[[http://​​tools/​EZBoards/​ADuCM4050/​Releases/​DeviceFamilyPack/​Release_1.0.0/​ADuCM4x50_DFP_1.0.0_Release_Notes.pdf | ADuCM4050 DFP 1.0.0 Release Notes]]
 +<WRAP center round important 60%>
 +You **MUST** have this software package installed on your laptop or PC in order to compile, debug, and run the applications for the **EV-COG-AD4050LZ** platform.
 +===== Downloading the ADuCM4x50 Software Pack =====
 +The software pack can be installed directly by the tool chain'​s CMSIS pack manager. Optionally, you may download and then use the CMSIS pack manager'​s manual installation to install the pack.
 +  - Downloaded via the tool chain'​s CMSIS pack manager
 +      * It is **recommended** to download the ADuCM4x50 software pack through from the tool chain'​s CMSIS pack manager. ​ That way, all the files, directories structure, and project structure for the various applications is properly saved and accessed. ​ For a detailed description on how to download the ADuCM4x50 software pack through CrossCore Embedded Studio please see our [[resources:​eval:​user-guides:​eval-cog-ad4050lz:​tools:​cces_guide|Cross Core Embedded Studio Quickstart User Guide]].
 +  - Downloaded to local directory
 +       * However if you do decide to download the ADuCM4x50 software pack to your PC/laptop directly, please use the link below to download the pack file from Keil's website. You will then need to "​import"​ the pack file using your tool chain'​s CMSIS pack manager'​s import feature. Note that all software packs can be downloaded from Keil's website.
 +<WRAP round 80% download>​
 +[[http://​​tools/​EZBoards/​ADuCM4050/​Releases/​DeviceFamilyPack/​Release_1.0.0/​ | ADuCM4050_DFP Pack 1.0.0]]
 +// End of Document //
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