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ADuCM4x50 On-Chip Peripherals Drivers & Software

General Description/Overview

The ADuCM4x50 Device Family Pack (DFP) provides access to all the necessary on-chip peripheral drivers for ADuCM4050 devices. This software layer is the foundation layer needed when writing applications using this microprocessor family. When combined with the EV-COG-AD4050LZ software pack as well as the Sensors software pack, there are many great Internet of Things(IoT) applications and demos that can be replicated using the EV-COG-AD4050LZ development platform.

The following on-chip drivers are provided as part of the ADuCM4x50 Device Family Pack:

  • spi
  • i2c
  • uart
  • sport
  • beep
  • wdt
  • gpio
  • rtc
  • dma
  • crypto
  • adc
  • tmr

For detailed information regarding the ADuCM4x50 DFP, please see our complete ADuCM4x50 software user guide.


You MUST have this software package installed on your laptop or PC in order to compile, debug, and run the applications for the EV-COG-AD4050LZ platform.

Downloading the ADuCM4x50 Software Pack

The software pack can be installed directly by the tool chain's CMSIS pack manager. Optionally, you may download and then use the CMSIS pack manager's manual installation to install the pack.

  1. Downloaded via the tool chain's CMSIS pack manager
    • It is recommended to download the ADuCM4x50 software pack through from the tool chain's CMSIS pack manager. That way, all the files, directories structure, and project structure for the various applications is properly saved and accessed. For a detailed description on how to download the ADuCM4x50 software pack through CrossCore Embedded Studio please see our Cross Core Embedded Studio Quickstart User Guide.
  2. Downloaded to local directory
    • However if you do decide to download the ADuCM4x50 software pack to your PC/laptop directly, please use the link below to download the pack file from Keil's website. You will then need to “import” the pack file using your tool chain's CMSIS pack manager's import feature. Note that all software packs can be downloaded from Keil's website.


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