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Installing ADuCM36x Software Pack

The ADuCM36x Software Pack includes the C libraries to develop software for the ADuCM36x family with Keil μVision5 or IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, as well as example code to help develop applications.

The Software Pack for Keil μVision5 can be installed manually, downloading it from the Keil MDK5 Software Packs website, or it can be installed through the Pack Installer inside Keil μVision5.

The Software Pack for IAR Embedded Workbench can be installed from the IAR application.

Installation for Keil μVision5

Manual Installation

  1. Download Analog Devices ADuCM36x Device Support and Examples from Keil MDK5 Software Packs website
  2. Install the ADuCM36x Pack in the default directory

Manual installation of ADuCM36x Software Pack

Figure 1. Manual installation of ADuCM36x Software Pack

Installation Through Keil μVision5

  1. Open Keil μVision5
  2. Open Pack Installer (See Figure 2)
  3. Search for aducm in the Search bar
  4. In the Device list on the left-hand side, select ADuCM36x Series
  5. In the Packs tab on the right-hand side, expand Device Specific
  6. Click Install in AnalogDevices::ADuCM36x_DFP
  7. Accept the License Agreement

Opening Pack Installer

Figure 2. Opening Pack Installer

Installing the ADuCM36x Software Pack Trough the Pack Installer

Figure 3. Installing the ADuCM36x Software Pack Trough the Pack Installer

Installation for IAR Embedded Workbench

  1. Open IAR Embedded Workbench. This will open IAR Embedded Workbench CMSIS Manager.
  2. In DevicesSearch Device Search for aducm and select ADuCM36x Series (Figure 4)
  3. With the device selected, go to Packs → Device Specific and install the pack AnalogDevices.ADuCM36x_DFP** (Figure 5).
  4. Accept the license agreement.

Figure 4. IAR CMSIS Manager. Selecting the ADuCM36x Series Device

Figure 3. Installing the ADuCM36x Software Pack

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