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 ====== EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ [under construction] ====== ====== EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ [under construction] ======
 +Analog Devices 3D time of flight (ToF) camera products capture depth information,​ enabling advanced machine vision applications and allowing people and devices to sense, capture and interact with their spatial environments.
 +For more information see: [[adi>​en/​analog-dialogue/​articles/​time-of-flight-system-design-part-1-system-overview.html|Time of Flight Camera – System Overview]]
 =====Introduction===== =====Introduction=====
-The [[adi>​en/​design-center/​evaluation-hardware-and-software/​evaluation-boards-kits/​EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ.html|AD-EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ]] ​is a proven hardware platform for depth perception. When paired ​with a processor board from the 96Boards ecosystem or Raspberry Pi family, it can be used for 3D software and algorithm developmentThis modular platform can be used as a baseline ​to design ​ToF system ​and will allow customers to start developing their software and algorithms while the hardware can be modified ​for their specific ​application. ​The solution has VGA resolution which means that objects can be detected to a higher level of granularity than other 3D ToF solutions, an ability ​to detect depth in strong ambient light conditions and multiple range detection modes for increased accuracynative ​and host SDK is provided. The SDK also provides OpenCV, Python®, MATLAB®, Open3D ​and RoS wrappers so that developers ​can use them to simplify application development.+The EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ ​time of flight (ToF) evaluation kit is a complete high-resolution (1Mpixel) 3D depth camera system assembled ​with the NXP i.MX 8M Plus processor. The camera supports USB connectivity ​to a PC for real-time visualization,​ capture ​and post processing of depth data. The kit includes host PC software ​(Windows/​macOS/​Linux) ​and an open source multi-platform SDK for custom ​application ​development 
 +====Key Features==== 
 +<WRAP indent>​ 
 +|Resolution:​ ||1024x1024 TOF sensor| 
 +|Illumination:​ ||FOI 60°x60° - 940nm VCSEL| 
 +|Field ​of view: ||FOV 51°x51°| 
 +|Operating range: ||up to 5.2m @ 90% reflectance (native)| 
 +|Depth Noise: ||1%| 
 +|Accuracy: ||+/- 3mm depth error| 
 +Modes of operation:​ 
 +| Mode Index | Mode | Resolution | Range | FPS | 
 +| 5 | Megapixel (mp) | 1024x1024 | 5.2m | 10 | 
 +| 7 | Quarter-Megapixel (qmp) | 512x512 | 5.2m | 15 | 
 +**The full system hardware includes:​** 
 +**Illumination Board** ​  
 +**Sensor Board** 
 +**i.MX8 M Plus SOM** 
 +**Camera Interface Board** 
 +{{ :​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​adsd3100_noenc.png?​nolink&​200 |}} 
 +{{ :​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​adsd3100_w_enc.png?​nolink&​200 |}} 
 +=====System Setup and Evaluation===== 
 +[[:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​eval-adsd3100-nxz-startup|Start Up Guide]] 
 +====USB and Power==== 
 +===Minimum Requirements=== 
 +  * USB 3.0 (5Gbps) - Type C 
 +  * 2.0A 
 +===Recommended Requirements=== 
 +  * USB 3.1 Gen2 - Type C 
 +  * 3.0A 
 +  * 38mm x 72.5mm x 87mm 
 +  * {{ :​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​eval-adsd3100-nxz_drawing_v1.pdf |}} 
 +====Download Evaluation Software==== 
 +Evaluation software consists of:   
 +  * [[resources:​eval:​user-guides:​eval-adsd3100-nxz-gui|ADIToFGUI]] 
 +  * [[resources:​eval:​user-guides:​eval-adsd3100-nxz-gui:​datacollect_cli|Data Collect (Command line interface)]] 
 +  * [[resources:​eval:​user-guides:​eval-adsd3100-nxz:​depthcompute_cli|Depth Compute (Command line interface)]] 
 +Installation page can be found [[:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​eval-adsd3100-nxz-software-installation|here]]. 
 +====ToF SDK==== 
 +====Laser Safety==== 
 +  * Class 1 
 +====Operating Environment==== 
 +=====Application Development==== 
 +=====Help and Support===== 
 +  * [[:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​eval-adsd3100-nxz-startup|Startup Guide]] 
 +  * FOI (Field of Illumination)
 +  * FOV (Field of View)
 +  * FPS (Frames per Second)
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