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ToF Eval Software Package

This user guide is to step through installation steps for the EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ & EVAL-ADTF3175-NXZ software package. Contents such as ADIToFGUI and Data Collect are built from our public sdk : SDK development

Evaluation software consists of:

Download Installer

  • If you are evaluating the ; EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ or EVAL-ADTF3175-NXZ modules:
    • Download v2.1.1 installer from here : Link (Copy the link and run it on another tab if clicking directly does not work)
  • If you are evaluating the ; EVAL-ADTF3175D-NXZ
    • Download latest 3.x.x installer from here : Link

Minimum Software Requirements

  • Seventh Gen Intel Core i5 Processor @ 2.4GHz , Dual Core
  • 8 GB Memory
  • Graphics driver support for openCL 2.0+


  • Once installer is downloaded, run the application to see this window. Click 'Next'.


  • Read through license and select 'I accept the agreement' option. Click 'Next'

Installation Location

  • Select a location to install the package
  • Click 'Next', and click 'Install' on the next page

Prerequisites Downloads

The installer will prompt the user to install the following pre-reqs if they are not detected on your pc

  • OpenCL 2.0 Runtime
  • Visual Studio 2015 redistributable

Image Download

  • Once the installer is done, the user will have the option to download the NXP image (Recommended for each install of sdk, backwards compatibility is not guaranteed)
    • If selected a command prompt will open with download status
    • The user can find the image in the 'Image' folder at the install location (See next section)

Image Folder Contents

* microsd-xxxxxxxx : NXP SOM sd card image
  * Flashing instructions : [[:resources:eval:user-guides:eval-adsd3100-nxz:flashing_image_instructions|Link]]

* fwUpdate_X.X.X : This is the ADSD3500 firmware
  * Update instructions here : [[:resources:eval:user-guides:eval-adtf3175d-nxz-upgrade-firmware|Link]]

* depth_compute : Contains depth compute binaries
  * More information : [[:resources:eval:user-guides:eval-adtf3175d-depth-compute-libs|Link]]

Correct update procedure:

  • Update NXP SOM sd-card image
  • Run fw update to update ADSD3500 firmware


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