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EVAL-ADPAQ3029 - UART(Arduino) demo

  1. Download firmware and Tile application from below
  2. Follow the same steps as given here
  3. In this project, an Arduino board has been used.
  4. Upload the Arduino code into Arduino Uno board using Arduino IDE.
  5. The connections between the Arduino and ADPAQ Board are made as described below.
    Arduino Pins GPIO port used ADPAQ Header Pins
    Digital pin 10 (RX) UART0_TX P2-2
    Digital pin 11 (TX) UART0_RX P2-3
    GND GND P2-10
  6. Apart from these connections, an led along with a 10k resistor has to be connected between the Digital pin 12 of Arduino and Ground.
  7. Build and run the project
  8. The tile has 2 buttons “On” and “Off” buttons. By clicking on those buttons, we can control the led that is connected to the pin 12 of Arduino. image

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