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EVAL-ADPAQ3029 - Introduction

The EVAL-ADPAQ3029 module is a development/evaluation board specifically designed to work with Moduware Platform. The EVAL-ADPAQ3029 module combined with Moduware platform allows users, hobbyists & makers to realize their ideas centered around IoT applications. For more information on Moduware platform development refer to Moduware Platform Developer page.

The EVAL-ADPAQ3029 module is based on ADuCM3029 microcontroller. Various types of sensors/actuators/transducers can be interfaced with this module. The EVAL-ADPAQ3029 development module connects to Moduware gateway using SPI interface, which in turn connects to a smartphone through BLE connection.

The Gateway collects the data from the development module and communicates the data to the mobile application via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface.

The mobile application can send commands to get data from sensors connected to the development module or send actuation commands to the actuators.

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