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EVAL-ADPAQ3029 - Importing CCES project

Please see the resource section to download source code.

  • Launch the CCES IDE on your host & create a new workspace.
  • Click on FileImport.. or click Import an existing CCES project from homepage as shown below.
  • Then select GeneralExisting Projects into Workspace.
  • Then choose the source code directory to import one or more projects from the selected directory

The module application runs on the bootloader and the MDK provides APIs required for communication with the gateway. The bootloader and the MDK projects have to be added to the workspace. They can be downloaded from the resource page along with application source code. To add them to the workspace, follow the procedure described as above.

Setup path variables

  1. Open CCES, right click on the desired project and select Properties.
  2. In the properties tab, go to C/C++ BuildSettingsCross Core GCC ARM Embedded C LinkerLibraries.
  3. Click on add (at the top right section inside settings tab) and then File system. Then search for the required files from the workspace and add them. image
  4. Below image shows the paths to be added. Make sure that you add the path from the workspace. In the figure shown below,C:\Users\psirivan\Desktop is the path to the workspace, 6Feb6 is the name of the workspace.
  5. Semihosting support should be nosys.specs, as shown in the figure below.
Make sure that the libraries and objects are not enclosed within inverted commas.

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