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EVAL-ADPAQ3029 - First application [RGB LED]

  1. Setup the hardware as shown here.
  2. Make sure to use Dev module with LED. Here is the schematics for one such board - Nexpaq_Glue_Micro_Dev_Board.
  3. Download the following projects from the resources section.
    • Bootloader
    • MDK source code
  4. Download firmware and Tile application from below
  5. The mapping of the RGB LED with the ADPAQ GPIOs is given below
    LED color GPIO port used
    Red P1_08
    Green P0_14
    Blue P1_09
  6. Launch the CCES IDE and import the first 3 projects into CCES as explained here.
  7. Build and flash the firmware binary (*.bin) as explained here
  8. Deploy the tile application as explained here
  9. Launch the Moduware app and pair to the gateway (Mini Dev board)
  10. Now you should be able to see tile with DevMod.image
  11. Long Press on the DevMod Tile. Select the RGB LED tile. image
  12. The tile of the RGBLED app which was uploaded earlier will appear as shown in the image.
  13. Test the application using GUI, by pressing R, G and B color buttons to observe change in the LED color in ADPAQ Dev module.
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