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Help and Support

Do you need help or have general support questions, than I hope this page helps you resolve those.

This page has a quickstart troubleshooting approach that goes over some very general questions and common pitfalls, but if you have a specific issue which requires more information or detail please contact us through EngineerZone or Email. (links can be found further down on the page where to direct specific questions)

What to do When Things Go Wrong

There are many things that can go wrong with an ecosystem this complex, but if you are having issues getting the board or software working, here are a few simple things you can try before contacting Analog Devices.

  1. Check the Power
    • Do you have the USB cable plugged in? What about the DC power jack?
  2. Program the ADICUP360
    • Sometimes a flashed program doesn't run properly or can make it difficult to run the debugger.
    • The first thing to try in this case, is to drag and drop a known good .BIN program into flash.(something with quick visible indicators works best, for example a blink program)
    • If drag and drop is not working, it may be necessary to erase the flash. To do so:
      1. Make sure that the USB cable is plugged into the USER USB(P13)
      2. Ensure the switch matrix is set up like this: S1=0, S2=1, S3=0, S4=1
      3. Power cycle the ADICUP360 board while holding down the boot switch (S6)
      4. Select the mbed serial COM port in the CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer, and erase the flash.
      5. Then try dragging and dropping a working .BIN file into flash (again a blink program will verify the fix fastest)
  3. Not receiving/transmitting data to the UART
    • Make sure that the switch matrix (S1,S2,S3,S4) are set correctly for which set of UART pins you want to use and that your USB cable is plugged into the USER USB(P13).
  4. I'm trying to program/debug, but I'm getting errors.
    • Make sure that you are plugged into the DEBUG USB(P14) when trying to program/debug your program. This is the only USB that connects to the ADuCM360.
    • Check the drives attached to your computer, do you see a mass storage device called Mbed or Maintenance? If you see the Maintenance drive and your USB is plugged in, then likely the ADICUP360 isn't being powered. Try power cycling the USB cable, you may have just hit the “Boot” or “RESET” button during power up by accident.

This is just a brief self-help guide to troubleshooting common issues. If you have other questions that need answering please direct those requests to the locations outlined below.

Hardware, Software, and Documentation Questions

If you have any questions regarding the base platform, any of the shields/pmods or are experiencing any problems using the software or issues following any of the documentation feel free to ask us a question.

  • ADuCM360 support community for questions about:
    • ADICUP360 hardware
    • ADuCM360 silicon
    • ADICUP360 software
    • ADICUP360 documentation
    • Add on Arduino shields from Analog Devices
    • Add on PMODs from Analog Devices
    • Add on Arduino shield or PMOD documentation

When asking a question please take the time to give a detailed description of your problem. If you are experiencing a problem please state the steps you have executed, the result you expected you would get and the result you actually got. By doing so you enable us to provide you precise and detailed answers in a timely manner.

Before asking questions please take the time to check if somebody else already asked the same question. You might just find your question already answered.

CrossCore Embedded Studio questions

If you have questions regarding the tools used with the EVAL-ADICUP360, either post a question or send an email.

ADuCM360-IDE questions (Deprecated)

This Interactive Development Environment(IDE) is being phased out as of October 30th 2017.

We are moving the EVAL-ADICUP360 tools support over to CrossCore Embedded Studios(CCES). You should consider migrating to CCES at your earliest convenience. We will be removing support for the ADuCM360-IDE tools April 30th 2018.

Here is a link to download the CrossCore tools.

Questions about the Analog Devices Eclipse IDE should be asked at the ADuCM Eclipse IDE support community.

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