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The EVAL-ADXL362-ARDZ shield illustrates the functionality of the ADXL362 - an ultralow power, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer.

The ADXL362 is capable of measuring dynamic acceleration (resulting from motion or shock) as well as static acceleration (gravity). It provides 12-bit output resolution and has three operating ranges, ±2 g, ±4 g, and ±8 g. Additional useful features include an on-chip, 12-bit temperature sensor accurate to ±0.5°, motion triggered wake-up functionality, and and several activity detection modes which makes is ideal for portable low-power instruments.

The EVAL-ADXL362-ARDZ Shield is designed in Arduino Uno R3 format which makes it suitable to used with both Arduino Due (e.g. EVAL-ADICUP360 based board) and Arduino Uno R3 base boards.

The EVAL-ADXL362-ARDZ board has a large capacitor(C18) on the board which holds charge for the LCD screen. When power cycling the system, you must wait approximately 5 seconds to allow enough time for the capacitors on the EVAL-ADXL362-ARDZ board to fully discharge. This is a power requirement for the ADXL362, which notes in the datasheet that the power rail must come all the way back down to 0V before powering back up.

Getting Started Video


Connectors and Jumper configuration

The EVAL-ADXL362-ARDZ Shield has four jumpers to increase flexibility when stacking systems together. Each jumper and it's purpose is described below.


Configuration Function

Routes ADXL362 CS pin to P0.3/IRQ0/CS1

Routes ADXL362 CS pin to P0.4/RTS/IRQ1


Configuration Function

Connects LCD CS pin to P2.2/BM

Connects LCD CS pin to P1.4/PWM2/MISO0.


Configuration Function

Connects ADXL362 Interrupt pin 1 (INT1) to P1.0/IRQ3

Connects ADXL362 Interrupt pin 2 (INT2) to P1.0/IRQ3.


Configuration Function

Connects LCD Reset to IOREF

Connects LCD Reset to pin P1.1/IRQ4

Schematics, PCB Layout, Bill of Materials

EVAL-ADXL362-ARDZ Design & Integration Files

  • Schematics
  • PCB Layout and Mounting Diagram
  • Bill of Materials
  • Allegro Project

Software examples

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