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ADICUP3029 Board Support Package (BSP)

This CMSIS pack and its contents are DEPRECATED and no longer supported. Please do not use this moving forward

General Description/Overview

The ADICUP3029 software pack provides access to all the necessary on-board peripheral drivers for the EVAL-ADICUP3029 development platform. The ADICUP3029 software pack builds on top of what the ADuCm302x software pack provides. The ADICUP3029 software pack makes it easier to use the on-board peripherals so creating your application layer is will be easier. Combined with the ADuCM302x and Sensors software pack, there are many great Internet of Things(IoT) applications and demos that can be replicated using the ADICUP3029 development platform.

The drivers and examples in the BSP are designed to work with CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.6.0 ® and the ADuCM302x Device Family Pack 2.0.0, Sensor Software 1.1.0, BLE Software 1.0.0, WiFi Software 1.0.0.

Application Examples for the ADICUP3029

Changing the MAC Address of the EM9304

Each of the EVAL-ADICUP3029 boards has the same Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) MAC address by default. Although this won't be a problem for most users, some users might be trying to prototype/create a system using multiple ADICUP3029 boards. In those circumstances it might be required to change your MAC address to a different unique value.

We have created five(5) additional BLE MAC addresses which can be quickly programmed using the desired MAC_address.HEX file and the drag and drop method described here.

The current available MAC address configurations are outlined in the table below.

ADICUP3029 Board Configuration ADICUP3029 .HEX File Name EM9304 MAC Address
Default Release Mode pre-programmed (no file needed) 00-05-F7-01-41-44
ChangeMAC_45 change_mac_45.hex 00-05-F7-01-41-45
ChangeMAC_46 change_mac_46.hex 00-05-F7-01-41-46
ChangeMAC_47 change_mac_47.hex 00-05-F7-01-41-47
ChangeMAC_48 change_mac_48.hex 00-05-F7-01-41-48
ChangeMAC_49 change_mac_49.hex 00-05-F7-01-41-49

The MAC address .HEX files can be found with the EVAL-ADICUP3029 pack, in the following directory: C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.6.0\ARM\packs\AnalogDevices\EVAL-ADICUP3029_BSP\1.1.0\Tools\ble\programmer\EVAL-ADICUP3029


For detailed information regarding the ADICUP3029 software pack, please see our complete ADICUP3029 software user guide.

You MUST have this software package installed on your laptop or PC in order to compile, debug, and run the applications for the ADICUP3029 platform.

Downloading the ADICUP3029 Software Pack

The software pack can be downloaded in several ways.

  1. Downloaded via the tools program
    • It is recommended to download the ADICUP3029 software pack through from the tools program you are using. That way, all the files, directories structure, and project structure for the various applications is properly saved and accessed. For a detailed description on how to download the ADICUP3029 software pack through CrossCore Embedded Studio please see our CrossCore Embedded Studio Quickstart User Guide.
  2. Downloaded to local directory
    • However if you do decide to download the ADICUP3029 software pack to your PC/laptop directly, please use the link below, and make sure you save the software pack to the correct local directory for your applications/projects.

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