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-===== Obtaining the Source Code =====+===== Obtaining the Software =====
-We recommend not opening the project directly, but rather use CCES example browse to open the projectBelow screen shot shows how to open project from CCES Example browser.+There are two basic ways to program the ADICUP3029 with the software for the ADXL362 PmodACL2. 
 +  - Dragging and Dropping the .Hex to the Daplink drive 
 +  - Building, Compiling, and Debugging using CCES
 +Using the drag and drop method, the software is going to be a version that Analog Devices creates for testing and evaluation purposes.  This is the EASIEST way to get started with the reference design
-{{:resources:eval:user-guides:eval-adicup3029:reference_designs:sensorexampleselection.jpg?920|}}+Importing the project into CrossCore is going to allow you to change parameters and customize the software to fit your needs, but will be a bit more advanced and will require you to download the CrossCore toolchain. Below screen shot shows how to open project from CCES Example browser.
-The source code and include files of the **ADICUP3029_ADXL362** demo can be found here:+The source code and include files of the **ADuCM3029_demo_adxl362** demo can be found here:
 <WRAP round 80% download> <WRAP round 80% download>
-[[ + ADICUP3029 Source Code]]+Prebuilt ADXL362 PMOD Hex File 
 +  * [[| AduCM3029_demo_adxl362.Hex]] 
 +Complete ADXL362 PMOD Source Files 
 +  * [[ Source Code]] 
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 ===== How to use the Tools ===== ===== How to use the Tools =====
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