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The EVAL-ADICUP3029 is an Arduino-like development platform based on the ADUCM3029 ultra low power microcontroller (MCU) with integrated power management for processing, control, and connectivity. The MCU system is based on the ARM Cortex-M3 processor, a collection of digital peripherals, embedded SRAM and flash memory, and an analog subsystem which provides clocking, reset, and power management capability in addition to an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) subsystem. the ADUCM3029 has industry leading ultra low power which makes it ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The platform has an Arduino Uno form factor, two PMOD connectors, and an I2C Grove style connector for easy to connect sensors and signal conditioning add on modules. On board Bluetooth low energy and Wi-Fi connectivity make this board IoT ready right out of the box, complete with software and working hardware/software examples. A free programming and debugging tool is provided by Analog Devices (called CrossCore Embedded Studios) which is gcc/gdb based. The base platform is accompanied by a set of Analog Devices hardware add on modules but it can also work with 3rd party hardware.

This guide is structured as follows:

  • Tools and Driver Details - Provides all the necessary steps to download/install/use the CCES tools environment, along with a quickstart guide to understanding the tools and how to use the USB mass storage drive
  • Hardware Details - Contains hardware-related information about the base board and the various hardware add on modules
  • Software and Board Support Packages - Contains ADuCM3029 drivers for programming the chip, along with various peripheral drivers found on the ADICUP3029 (such as BLE, Wi-Fi, etc). There are also working code examples using sensors and other hardware modules
  • Bluetooth Smart Device Apps - Contains detailed descriptions of downloading and installing either Android or iOS based apps that work with our sensor examples
  • Example Projects with Setup Instructions - Contains detailed descriptions of the software reference designs available for the base board and add on hardware
  • Help and Support - Provides info on where to get support on any questions you might have regarding the hardware, software, and tools
  • Compliance Testing and Results - Provides testing results done on the ADICUP3029 for FCC and CE certification.
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