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Evaluating the ADF5902, 24 GHz, ISM Band, Multichannel FMCW Radar Transmitter

The EVAL-ADF5902 evaluation board allows the user to evaluate the performance of the ADF5902 24 GHz voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) programmable gain amplifier (PGA) with a 2-channel power amplifier (PA) output and ramping phase-locked loop (PLL).

Supported Carriers

Required Hardware

Required Software

  • Xilinx SDK / Xilinx Vitis.
  • A UART terminal (Tera Term/PuTTY/Hyperterminal), Baud rate 115200.

Build Application

In order to build the application and generate the .elf file, please follow the NO-OS Build Guide.

Source files for the application can be found in the Downloads section.

Run Application

Start a UART terminal (set to 115200 baud rate), and program the device and run the elf file. An output example of the application is provided below:

ADF5902 Successfully initialized!
ADF5902 Locked Frequency: 24024999936 Hz
ADF5902 Temperature value: 27.07 degC


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