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How to setup and use Keil IDE

The AD5940 SDK provides support for Keil IDE to develop firmware. Keil provides an evaluation licence that is free but limits the code size to 32 kB. Currently, none of the evaluation examples in the AD5940 development pack exceed this.

How to Download Keil

To download Keil IDE click on the following link

This will open up a form which must be filled out to download the software. Click Submit when complete to begin the download process.

How to Install Keil

Once the download has complete double click on the .exe file to begin the installation procedure.

How to Register for Keil Evaluation License

To register for the free Keil evaluation license follow these instructions:

How to edit and run example code in Keil

To edit and run example code in Keil follow these steps:

  1. Download the AD5940 SDK from the the GitLab repository:
  1. Navigate to the examples→AD5940_ADC→ADICUP3029
  2. Double click on ADICUP3029.uvprojx file to open the project in Keil
  3. The project structure is shown in the left hand side of the screen. It is divided into 4 sub sections:
    • AD5940Lib - This conatins the AD5940.c source file which has all the AD5940 library functions. This file is common to all examples. The ADICUP3029Port.c file is located here also and contains port functions for the ADuCM3029 microcontroller.
    • Application - This sub section contains the application code and main.c file.
    • CMSIS - This contains the arm CMSIS math library.
    • Device - This folder contains the startup code for the ADuCM3029 micrcontroller. These files should not be modified.
  4. Double click on AD5940_ADCPolling.c to open the file in the editor.
  5. Modify code as required.
  6. To compile and build the project go to Project→Rebuild all target files. IT may take a couple of seconds to fully compile all the source code.
  7. To download the code to the evaluation boards first ensure the boards are connected to the PC or laptop. Then click on the red icon in the toolbar to download the source code and begin the debugging session.
  8. To set breakpoints click to the left of the line of code. A red dot will appear as in below screenshot.
  9. To begin executing press the “Run” button which is highlighted in below screenshot.
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