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The EVAL-AD5940 evaluation platform are Arduino form-factor based evaluation boards designed to provide a familiar development system to customers. Each AD5940 evaluation board is targeted at a particular end application, for example the EVAL-AD5940BIOZ targets Bio-Impedance measurements. Each AD5940 evaluation boards comes packaged with the EVAL-ADICUP3029 which is an Arduino-like development platform based on the ADUCM3029 ultra low power microcontroller (MCU). This MCU is used to configure and communicate with the AD5940 through the SPI peripheral. For initial evaluation there is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool, SensorPal, provided to quickly make measurements with graphing and data capture capabilities. There are also a larger number of example projects written in embedded C with instructions on how to set the programming environment and run the examples

This guide is structured as follows:

  • Tools and Driver Details - Provides all the necessary steps to download/install/use SensorPal GUI tool quickly begin making measurements. Also included are instructions on how to download/install/use popular development IDE's Kiel and IAR.
  • Hardware Details - Contains hardware-related information about the base board and the various available AD5940 shields.
  • AD5940 Example Projects - Contains sample code for various application specific example projects with instructions on how to set up and carry out the measurements
  • Help and Support - Provides info on where to get support on any questions you might have regarding the hardware, software, and tools
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