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EV-GEAR-EINK1Z is a “Gear” (expansion add-on board) for MCU Cogs (EV-COG-AD3029LZ & EV-COG-AD4050LZ). The Gear is used to enable interfacing with EINK Electronic Paper Display (EPD). This gear can be used for quick prototyping and deployment of COG+EPD solutions.

The EV-GEAR-EINK1Z supports these displays

  • EL029TR1 (2.9`` ePaper Display)
  • ED057TC6 (5.65`` ePaper display)


  • 24 pin connector for connecting EPD
  • LED to indicate when EPD is powered on
  • emperature and Humidity Sensor SHT31 is present
  • 2.5V LDO powers the EPD interface
  • Provision to power the system through CR2450 coin cell

Hardware Details

Primary side

Secondary side

Block Diagram

Connecting to MCU Cog

Connecting EPD to EV-GEAR-EINK1Z

Step. 1: Unlock the EPD connector

Step. 2: Insert the display into to EPD connector

Step. 3: Lock the EPD connector

Connecting EV-GEAR-EINK to MCU-COG

The EV-GEAR-EINK1Z can be powered only if connected to a MCU-COG. Connect the gear to the MCU-Cog as shown in the picture

COG Connectors C1 and C2 are used to interface EV-GEAR-EINK1Z with MCU COG. C1 and C2 connectors carry all the pins necessary to interface EPD with MCU COG. The pinout details of C1 and C2 can be found in EV-COG-AD3029LZ MCU Cog

Place the COG on the EINK-Gear such that COG connectors (C1 and C2) on COG and EINK-Gear connect to each other.

Power options

There are 3 options to power the COG+EPD setup. The option can be selected using the power-switch on MCU-Cog. <Image>

Test points

For quick debugging, following test points are provided.

  • TP1 : SPI0_MOSI
  • TP2 : SPI0_CLK
  • TP3 : SPI0_MOSI
  • TP4 : SPI0_CS0
  • TP5 : SYS_WAKE3
  • TP6 : GPIO41

EV-GEAR-EINK1Z Design and Integration Files

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