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Using Keil IDE with EV-COG-AD3029WZ

There are no seperate toolchain,On-Board Peripheral Drivers & Software for EV-COG-AD3029WZ, the toolchain,On-Board Peripheral Drivers & Software for EV-COG-AD3029LZ works with EV-COG-AD3029WZ.The user needs to change only the pin muxing based on the application.For help regarding pinmapping refer to the Hardware Details section.

This will be a paragraph talk about why you might want to use Keil with the EV-COG-AD3029LZ.

How to use EV-COG-AD3029WZ with Keil

In order to use EV-COG-AD3029WZ board with Keil, you will need to replicate the following steps.

  1. Install mBed windows serial driver from
  2. Open any example-workspace and project from the ADuCM3029 BSP(board support package). I used the SysTick example in the below images
  3. In the Keil toolbar select ProjectOptionsDebug, and select the “CMSIS DAP” option
  4. Under the CMSIS DAP Settings, select the SW option
  1. Push Crtl+F5 or in the Keil toolbar select DebugStart/Stop Debug Session
  2. That’s it – You are ready to go.

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