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EV-COG-AD3029LZ with IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM

First, install mBed windows serial driver from

IDE Setup

  1. Install IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM
    • Please visit to download IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM (version 8.20.1 or above)
  2. License Installation
    • Make sure valid license is installed for the corresponding version.

Software Packs and Driver Setup

  1. Download the following packs for EV-COG-AD3029LZ
  2. Start IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM.
  3. Go to Project→ CMSIS-Pack→ Pack Installer.
  4. In 'CMSIS Pack Manager' window, click 'Install local pack file'.
  5. In 'Pack file to install' window navigate to the downloaded pack (as already done in step 1 of this section), select all the packs to install and click Open.

Running an Example Project

  1. Power the MCU Cog using a USB (micro-B) Cable. You should see a red LED and a yellow LED turn on by default.
  2. In IAR IDE, go to Project→ Create New Project…
  3. In 'Create New Project' window, Select 'CMSIS Pack Example' and click 'OK'.
  4. Expand Analog Devices, select ADuCM3029 and click 'Next'.
  5. Select button_press example and click 'Finish'.
  6. Save the project to the desired location.
  7. Click on 'Debug and Download' icon on the menu bar. This will compile, build and download the project on EV-COG-AD3029LZ using CMSIS-DAP.
  8. Click on 'Run' icon to start the debug session.
  9. Now press BTN1 or BTN2 on EV-COG-AD3029LZ and inspect corresponding LED

You are all set!


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