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Analog Devices Bluetooth Low Energy Software

General Description/Overview

Connectivity pack includes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) drivers for EV-COG-AD3029LZ. Following are the requirements to use BLE drives available in the pack.

Connectivity Pack for BLE contains the following examples

  1. FindMe Target
  2. Proximity Reporter
  3. Data Exchange (Hello World)

For detailed information regarding the BLE Connectivity Pack, please see Release Notes.

Downloading the Sensor Software Pack

The software pack can be downloaded in following way.

  1. Downloaded via the tools program
    • It is recommended to download the Connectivity software pack through from the tools program you are using. That way, all the files, directories structure, and project structure for the various applications is properly saved and accessed. For a detailed description on how to download the Connectivity software pack through CrossCore Embedded Studio please see our Cross Core Embedded Studio Quickstart User Guide.

Download the Connectivity Software Pack.

ADI-BLESoftware pack 1.0.0

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