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 +==== More Complete Example with Digital I/O ====
 +A more complete example that blinks the onboard LED and reads the pushbutton is also provided. Note that this script can be run either directly on the Raspberry Pi, or from a remote host computer.
 +From the Raspberry Pi command line, run:
 +<​code>​.../​pyadi-iio/​examples $ sudo python</​code>​
 +Or from PowerShell on a Windows remote host, run:
 +<​code>​...\pyadi-iio\examples>​ python .\</​code>​
 +The script will attempt to automatically locate the CN0575 over the network connection. The CN0575'​s IIO context URI can also be passed to the script explicitly, where **** is the board'​s IP address:
 +<​code>​C:​\temp\pyadi-iio\examples>​ python .\ ip:​</​code>​
 +Typical output is shown below:
 +{{ :​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​circuits-from-the-lab:​cn0575:​cn0575_example_screenshot.png?​nolink&​500 |}}
 ===== Schematic, PCB Layout, Bill of Materials ===== ===== Schematic, PCB Layout, Bill of Materials =====
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