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CN0566 Phased Array User Guide


Phased array communications and radar systems are finding increased use in a variety of applications. This places a greater importance on training engineers and rapidly prototyping new phased array concepts. However, both those imperatives have historically been difficult and expensive. That is why Analog Devices launched the ADALM-PHASER. It is a low cost, simplified phased array radar which allows real beamforming hardware to be used for education, project proposals, and even software development.
Most of the labs are run on a Python GUI, with several helper scripts. These can be run on a remote host computer, or directly on the phaser's Raspberry Pi computer with the addition of a keyboard, mouse, and display.
For more advanced application development, the Phaser is also supported in the MATLAB RF Microwave Toolbox. Equivalent MATLAB lab exercises are in development, and will be added below as they are completed.

Here is a brief video introduction to beamforming and the Phased Array Platform:

Quick Start Guide

  • There are a few steps that need to be performed before diving into the lab exercises. Please visit the Quick Start Guide.

Phased Array Hardware

Phased Array Software

There are several pieces of software used with the CN0566 Phaser, including a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a number of command-line utilities. This page describes the various pieces of software:

Phased Array Assembly and Testing

The phaser ships fully assembled and ready to go. Should you need to re-assemble a disassembled board, or do a quick functionality test, refer to this page:

Labs and Lectures

The ADALM-PHASER is meant for you to experience, first hand, phased array beamforming and radar concepts. But to go along with the hardware, we’ve put together a series of short lectures followed by hands-on labs that you can perform with your own Phaser. A complete, printable lab manual is available here:

The expanded list of topics is as follows:

  • Phased Array Beam Steering
  • Phased Array Antenna Patterns
  • Sidelobes and Beam Tapering
  • Grating Lobes
  • Quantization Sidelobes
  • Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Beamforming
  • Monopulse Tracking
  • Radar: Simple FMCW
  • Radar: CFAR, Range Normalization, Clutter Suppression, and Range/Velocity
    • Lab Material (Coming Soon)
    • Lecture Video (Coming Soon)
    • Lab Video (Coming Soon)

Additional Resources

This series is partially derived from several sources that also provide valuable background information.

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