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Phaser Landing Page

Note: This page and Phaser release are still in development, but hitting some delays. Please check back soon for more updates and product release information.


Phased array communications and radar systems are finding increased use in a variety of applications. This places a greater importance on training engineers and rapidly prototyping new phased array concepts. However, both those imperatives have historically been difficult and expensive. That is why Analog Devices is (soon!) launching the ADALM-PHASER. It is a low cost, simplified phased array radar which allows real beamforming hardware to be used for education, project proposals, and even software development.

Labs and Lectures:

The ADALM-PHASER is meant for you to experience, first hand, phased array beamforming and radar concepts. But to go along with the hardware, we’ve put together a series of short lectures followed by hands-on labs that you can perform with your own Phaser. We’ll cover:

This series is partially derived from several sources that also provide valuable background information.

Phaser Hardware

  • When??? We’re hitting some delays due to part availability. But we hope to have ordering information available by end of July 2022.
  • To get acquainted with the hardware, see the Phaser Hardware Overview page.

Other Resources

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