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Lab 2: Steering Angle

Training Objective

In this lab, we’ll explore the relationship between the element to element phase shift and the resulting electrical steering angle


Add in figures from lab manual

1- Find the “” tab

2- Press the green “Run” button

3- You’ll see the FFT (amplitude vs frequency) of the HB100 source as received by the Phaser’s array:

4- By adjusting the “Steering Angle” slider bar, you can change the phase values of each element.

5- Move the HB100 to an angle of about 30 deg. The protractor, can help you point this somewhat accurately. Just place it on top of the Raspberry Pi, and move the arrow to 30 deg.

6- Now slide the “Steering Angle” to find the phase delta that produces the maximum FFT amplitude.

7- What phase delta do you observe that produces the maximum FFT amplitude?

8- Now click on the “Rectangular Plot” tab

9- This plots the peak FFT amplitude vs the selected steering angle

10- Move the Steering Angle slider bar again.

11- Does the amplitude move in a predictable way? What do you think is happening?

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