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Installation of Latest Lib-IIO and Other Requirements Needed to Run the Example for CN0511

  1. This set of instructions will soon go away when the next version of Kuiper Linux is released
  2. Line script to be copied are those found after the '$' symbol
  3. Enter the password “analog” whenever asked for it during the installation process
[sudo] password for analog: analog

Step 1: Installation of the latest libad9166-iio from Github

After the reboot, open command prompt or terminal again to clone the libad9166-iio from Github

analog@analog:~$ git clone

Go to libad9166-iio directory

analog@analog:~$ cd libad9166-iio

Install the libad9166-iio

analog@analog:~/libad9166-iio $ cmake ./CMakeLists.txt
analog@analog:~/libad9166-iio $ make
analog@analog:~/libad9166-iio $ sudo make install

Go to python directory

analog@analog:~/libad9166-iio $ cd bindings/python

Install the other requirements needed for CN0511 libad9166-iio

analog@analog:~/python $ sudo pip install -r requirements_dev.txt
analog@analog:~/python $ cmake ./CMakeLists.txt
analog@analog:~/python $ sudo make
analog@analog:~/python $ sudo make install

Step 2: Installation of the latest pyadi-iio from github

analog@analog:~ $ sudo python -m pip install git+
analog@analog:~$ git clone

Lastly install the libatlas-base-dev

analog@analog:~$ sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev linux packages 

Then choose 'Y' if were asked to continue

After all these requirements has been loaded in the Raspberry Pi, example found in ~/home/analog/pyadi-iio/examples for CN0511 can now be run.

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