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Installation of Latest Lib-IIO Needed to Run the Example for CN0511

  1. Line script to be copied are those found after the '$' symbol
  2. Enter the password “analog” whenever asked for it during the installation process
[sudo] password for analog: analog

After the reboot, open command prompt or terminal again to clone the libad9166-iio from Github

analog@analog:~$ git clone

Go to libad9166-iio directory

analog@analog:~$ cd libad9166-iio

Install the libad9166-iio

analog@analog:~/libad9166-iio $ cmake ./CMakeLists.txt
analog@analog:~/libad9166-iio $ make
analog@analog:~/libad9166-iio $ sudo make install

Go to python directory

analog@analog:~/libad9166-iio $ cd bindings/python

Install the requirements under this folder

analog@analog:~/python $ sudo pip install -r requirements_dev.txt
analog@analog:~/python $ cmake ./CMakeLists.txt
analog@analog:~/python $ sudo make
analog@analog:~/python $ sudo make install

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