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 {{ :​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​circuits-from-the-lab:​cn0368:​cn0368.jpg?​600 |}} {{ :​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​circuits-from-the-lab:​cn0368:​cn0368.jpg?​600 |}}
 ===== General Setup ===== ===== General Setup =====
-  *One [[http://​​CN0368|EVAL-CN0368-SDPZ]] Evaluation Board +  *One [[adi>CN0368|EVAL-CN0368-SDPZ]] Evaluation Board 
-  *[[http://​​EVAL-SDP-CB1Z|EVAL-SDP-CB1Z]] Evaluation board+  *[[adi>EVAL-SDP-CB1Z|EVAL-SDP-CB1Z]] Evaluation board
   *[[ftp://​​pub/​cftl/​CN0368|CN0368 Evaluation Software]]   *[[ftp://​​pub/​cftl/​CN0368|CN0368 Evaluation Software]]
   *One USB Type-A plug to USB Mini-B plug cable.   *One USB Type-A plug to USB Mini-B plug cable.
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